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Manavgat Air Conditioner Parts

Salman Teknik Air Conditioning Heating and Cooling Systems aims to maintain the first-day efficiency of your devices by offering 100% original spare parts and accessories for the maintenance and repair needs of your air conditioners. Long-term and high-performance use of the air conditioner is directly related to correct and regular maintenance. Therefore, Salman Teknik promises to extend the life of your device and ensure safe use by using only original spare parts.

All spare parts for air conditioning service and maintenance, from capacitors to fan motors, from electronic cards to compressors and controls, can be obtained from Salman Teknik authorized services. In addition, a wide range of accessories that may be required for your air conditioner are offered, from universal controls to cleaning sprays, anti-bacterial filters, dust filters and rubber wedges. Among the advantages of using original products: There are factors such as extending the life of the device, minimizing health and safety risks, working with high performance and providing savings. On the contrary, the use of non-original spare parts carries many risks for your device. Salman Teknik Klima provides original spare parts and accessories for a wide range of brands, from Mitsubishi to Samsung, from LG to Toshiba. Salman Teknik, which provides service with a wide service network throughout Istanbul, has the capacity to intervene quickly even in emergency situations. Air conditioning maintenance and repair services offered by Salman Teknik aim to reduce your maintenance and repair costs while increasing the performance of your device. The service provides its customers with the opportunity to intervene immediately in case of any malfunction, ensuring that air conditioning maintenance and repair operations are completed as soon as possible. Additionally, it produces solutions that suit the needs of its customers by offering the latest accessories with various payment options. The privileged and quality services offered by Salman Teknik Klima are designed to meet the expectations of each customer. The service center provides uninterrupted support through call center employees to find solutions to all kinds of questions and problems. This approach emphasizes the importance of using original spare parts and accessories so that customers can use their air conditioners without any problems for a long time. Among the brands for which it supplies spare parts and accessories are Mitsubishi, Sharp, Samui, Sigma, Tronic, Iklimsa, General Electric, Panasonic, Denki, Shiro, Zen, Airfel, Alarko, Arçelik, Ariston, Baymak, Beko, Bosch, Carrier, Cartel, Daikin. , Demirdöküm, Diamond Electric, Electra, Electrolux, Fuji, Goodman, Gree, Haier, Hicon, High Life, Hitachi, Lg, Mitsubishi Electric, Raks, Rubenis, Samsung, Sanyo, Siemens, Toshiba, Trane, Vestel Westinghouse, York etc. There is a prestigious brand. Salman Teknik Klima offers 24/7 expert support to its customers and is always available for service requests and orders. As a result, the services offered by Salman Teknik Air Conditioning Heating and Cooling Systems; It aims to ensure long-lasting and efficient operation of your air conditioners with its original spare parts warranty, wide brand range, fast and effective customer service. This approach offers its customers a safe, economical and trouble-free air conditioning usage experience.